Friday, December 25, 2009

Chapter 69, Prince Charming

Two posts in one day! and on Christmas!!!
but as I sat here, surfing for ideas for my handwork, I wanted to share some about my Prince Charming. I truly feel God blessed me when He brought Anthony into my life. When I call Anthony my Prince Charming, I mean it with all my heart. Anthony has all the qualities I have always wanted and searched for. I watch and listen to friends who are always hunting for the "perfect" man and I try and tell them they need to decide what they really want, but that is not want they want to hear. So many woman today focus on money, possessions and looks. These are very poor things to base love on. So Here is a list of all the wonderful things about my Prince charming:
1. He works. He goes to work when he is supposed to, very rarely calls in, and works overtime when it is offered.
2. He always comes home to me from work. (No partying, or going out with the boys)
3. We are comfortable in silence. We don't have to chatter or entertain each other, but can sit together in the same room and be happy just being near each other.
4. We are friends, best friends.
5. We do things together. Simple things like running to the store for something, going for a drive, sitting on the porch watching it rain. but we do them together.
6. We show an interest in the hobbies and interests of each other. I have learned to watch baseball and football, and Anthony has learned to go into craft and yarn stores. He even surprises me with craft supplies that he finds on freecycle or at the fleamarket.
7. We know our strengths and our weaknesses. Anthony and I both know that I should not handle money or bills (if I were in charge of the money we would live in a huge pile of fabric and yarn out in a corn field as we would not have any money left to pay our bills) and we both know I am better suited for the grocery shopping and cooking. Not based on gender rolls, but based on what we are good at and enjoy doing. He spoils me with fabric and thread, I spoil I'm with oatmeal raisin cookies and other goodies.
8. We truly love each other and know that love is work, not just a feeling. This is one of the things so many people forget. You have to work at love, and at being in love. if you do not work at it, you lose it.
9. We know we are safe with each other. Secrets, Hopes, dreams, all these things are shared and kept just between us. No laughing, no putting down. Just sharing and acceptance.
10. I think he is the most handsome man in the world, an he thinks I am the most beautiful woman in the world. Both of us know how lucky we are, and truly appreciate what we have in each other.

While I have learned that life is not perfect, and things do not always go as planned, I have also learned that a man who understands my obsession with fabric and threads, my devotion to the Pommie, and my need for a crafting kitty is a very rare find. So no matter what I say, Anthony is the best gift I have ever been given for Christmas or any other holiday. (but don't tell the Pommie!) So I hope all enjoy their gifts and their loved ones.

Chapter 68, Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. It is a wonderful Christmas here. Anthony worked all night, so he came in early this morning and went to bed, but we will have our Christmas dinner tonight when he gets up. We will have our "real" Christmas on Monday, as we get the kids Sunday night. This has been an interesting Christmas season. Nicholas turned 13 on the 19th. He has changed and grown so much in the past 5 years. From a cute chubby cheeked "baby" to a teenager whose voice is changing, and is getting ready to shave. I don't know why, but that made it so hard this year. To go Christmas shopping and not buy toys. No more believing in Santa, or leaving out cookies and writing him letters. Now all the gifts the kids want cost wayyyy to much, and they usually want gift cards anyways. Sigh. I know this sounds bad, but I feel cheated. I only have had a few years with the kids. only a few years of Santa, and toys. I would not change those years for anything, I just wish I had been in their lives sooner to have more of their childhood with them.
Prince Charming has made sure that I have had the most wonderful Christmas ever. He bought me a glass pendent shaped like a kitty (i really love the glass hearts and pendants. I have decided to try and collect them) some hair sticks (5 sets!) a pink IPOD nano (which I never thought I would love, but I do!!!!) and the second best gift ever!, Miss Emily!! (the pommie was the best gift ever!)

This is Miss Emily. On the 22nd, Anthony took me to the ASPCA and told me I could pick out a kitty. I was so happy and so in shock. I have this deep seated belief that every true "Artist" (okay, knitter, crocheter, cross stitcher, embroider, quilter and Crazy Quilter) must have a crafting kitty. Out of all the beautiful kitties there, Miss Emily chose me. She grabbed my attention, then my heart. Her name was Ms. Claws, which is tied into a story about one of my most loved kitties. that is what grabbed my attention. I filled out the adoption papers, and went home to wait and hope. I thought of so many names, and had settled on Priscilla so I could call her Miss Priss. at 11:30am on the 23rd, the lady from the ASPCA called and said we had been approved and I could come get her. She is somewhere between 2 and 4 years old, had been de-clawed and spayed, and then was left. I do not see how anyone could just abandon this baby, so was very happy to get her. Anthony took me to Walmart on our way to pick her up and we bough a litter box, a very pretty pink cat collar with a bell, and a bag of food. As we were coming home with her, she curled up like a very good girl in my lap and let me know her name was not Priscilla. I can not explain how I knew, but I did. She just was not a Priscilla. She decided she was an Emily and I could live with that. She does not care for the doggies. she has decided she will live upstairs, so we set up her litter box, food and water and a nice big basket with a pillow in it. The Pommie's nose is a little our of joint, but as long as I hold him he has been okay. He sits on the right, Emily sits on the left or across the back of my chair and ignores him, and he can live with that.
So from my little area of the world, every thing is wonderful. It has been a very blessed Christmas. I wish all a Merry Christmas, happy memories, and many, many blessings. Just remember, sometimes blessings come disguised, so keep your eyes out!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Chapter 67, Still Thankful

Time just has gotten away from me lately. I was planning on posting a list of things I am thankful for before Thanksgiving, but I feel that it is better to get it done late than never, so here we go:
The many Blessings in my life that I am thankful for:
Anthony: My Prince Charming. He makes sure the bills are paid (as if it were left to me we would be living in a huge ball of yarn and fabric in the middle of a corn field LOL) and spoils me with little gifts and treats. He goes to work every day, comes home every night, and goes out of his way to make me happy. What more can you ask for in a husband?
Nicholas and Amanda: My children. Okay so technically then are my step-children, but to me they are mine. Nicholas turns 13 in December, Amanda is 11. They have been in my life for 5 years, and if feels as if they have always been there.
My family: My grandparents raised me, as my mother died when I was young, but to be honest, it was more like I was their "change of life" baby. I have almost always lived with them, and my aunts have been more like big sisters (and often mother hens) than aunts. My Grandmother has taught me to be strong, and that I can survive anything that comes along. She is the one who taught me "Never let them see you cry." Which I never understood until the past few years. I always thought it meant don't show emotion, but hat is not it. It means to be strong, hold it together, and show the world your strength. My Grandfather (dad) has taught me to give and share blessings without drawing attention to yourself. Don't talk about helping others. Just do it. whenever and wherever you see the need. I can not tell you how many people Dad has helped. Both my grandparents. They have done so much that no one knows about. I can remember then going grocery shopping and dropping bags of groceries off at the door of one of their renters who was behind int heir rent, but also had a houseful of children. I can remember extra treats stashed to give to the children of people that rented from them. Dad fixing or "finding" bikes for kids that didn't have any. When we used to walk though the swap meet, Dad always seemed to have a few extra dollars that he shared with people who needed them. My Aunts Bonnie and Marie have always been there, hovering like big sisters/mother hens as I grew up. They, along with my grandmother, encouraged my love of thread and fabric. I have spent countless hours watching/helping/learning as they crochet, knit, embroider, paint, and cook. And I can't forget Aunt Charlene, Penny, and Donny. They are my favorites of my extended family. The ones that have been around all my live. Penny and my mom were pregnant at the same time. Donny and I are only 6 months apart. Aunt Charlene is the cool aunt everyone always wanted. She would roll up the carpet in her living room so you could roller skate in the house. She and Penny have always spoiled me. They go out of their way to make you feel special. And they can cook some awesome tacos.
Christine and her family: Christine has become my family here on the east coast. She is more than a friend, but has become my sister. I feel more like an aunt to her two kids. The holidays and any day would feel empty without them around. Christine also encourages my fiber addiction/fascination. LOL she is I guess my knitting teacher, partner in crime, and so much more.
My Yahoo family: I have a group I belong to on yahoo, stitchmap, which has the most caring and giving women on it. There is Shari, my mentor who I just love. She shares and gives so much of her time and talent. Lyn who guides and gives and is Shari's partner in crime, Miss Ruby, who loves Doxies as much as my Aunt Marie and Miss Judyth! Oh she is the best? she is my dealer! ( when I need my fix for CQing) and she has also encouraged my collecting of birds. (thanks to her I have the flamingo girls!) and so many more that it would take a while to list them all. I love reading each and every post, and I always feel as if we were all sitting together at a coffee table with our knitting/quilting/projects just gabbing away as we worked. I love that feeling. They are the greatest group of women. All of them so sharing and supportive.
The doggies: Okay so they are not people, but my pommie is my baby, and Chester and Misha are my furries. They give me comfort and love on a daily basis, and I would feel lost without them.

There are many more aunts and uncles and cousins, people I work with that I consider friends, and I love or care about them all. But the above group is the most important to me. The ones I think about daily.
There are a lot of things I am thankful for. The Lord has blessed me with an over abundance. I have a home I love (crooked floors, old windows and all), my cars, my job, my sewing machines (oh how very thankful I am to have them!) more fabric, yarn and thread thank I could possible go through in a life time, so much so that I can share with others, warm clothes, a pantry full of food, a freezer full of food, my camera and computer. So many things I use and take for granted every day. While we are not rich, we are blessed with an abundance that can be shared.

Okay I am going to kind of close this post with a prayer. Lord, thank you so for all the gifts you have given me and mine. Help me to remember that not all have the blessings I have, and to look at my possessions and blessings as something to be shared, not horded. Help me to give when and where and what I can. Help me to always have an open and giving heart and nature. Help me to live your love, not preach it, and to be an example of love and a strong Christian woman in my actions, not my words. My my actions and attitude bless others, and help them see Your love.
In Jesus name I pray,

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chapter 66, Traditions

With Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching, I was lying in bed last night and began thinking of what I wanted to get done. So much of what I want to do for the holidays centers around tradition. the making of fudge, peanut brittle and English toffee, homemade ornaments, handmade gift,foods made only this time of year. I have noticed it is harder for me to get into the swing of things being so far from my family, as Anthony really doesn't have any traditions, and the kids have not been raised with the same type of traditions. So really, I only make and do things for me. But I have decided this year that I will mail a box home with all the homemade goodies I can cram into it, and I will work on a couple of gifts for next year. Katrina and Joey both need homemade stockings, so I will begin theirs this year and get them mailed out by next October. Then I would like to make some for Anthony, Nicholas, Amanda and I. I also plan on making 1 extra for any new baby that should come along back home, someone back there should be able to add a name. I want to make sure the kids have a set of handmade ornaments, so I was thinking if I could get 2 a month done, then by next year they would have a nice set. even if I only get one a month done, they would still have a set for their tree's someday. I also think I am going to write a journal of holiday memories and traditions. I plan on including pics from past holidays. I know the journal will be more than a year long project, but I will at least get it started. I was thinking of maybe getting a scrapbook and trying scrap booking to accomplish it. I will think on it some more this week, and maybe get a chance to outline a plan this weekend. Anyone with ideas or advice, please share it!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chapter 65, What a student taught me

We are learning about literary techniques in class right now, and as we were covering mood, dialogue and sensory details, one of the boys made a comment that really hit me. I had asked each student to think of something they read, watch or do that could illustrate our three techniques. One of them raised his hand and said, "Video games, Miss. You see all the images, you feel the buzzing and crashes in the controller, in some of the games you have dialogue to find answers or clues, and they use images and colors to set the mood, to make you feel anxious (great use of a vocab word!!) or excited." I was really impressed with his answer as this is an autistic student, and he vary rarely volunteers to speak in class. But what really got me is that he came up to me during lunch and continued his observation. Due to behavioral issues, my students usually eat in the classroom with my Para, and most of the time I eat with them. They enjoy challenging me to checkers, beating me at chess and just talking. Often when they are talking to me I am knitting, crocheting, stitching, or doing something. All of them get involved in my projects, and a few like to try. I have two extra pairs of knitting needles in my desk, and more than one of them has worked on the scarf that was started last year. But this student came up to me and sat and watched me knit as I talked to my Para during lunch. then he tapped my hand and said, "Miss, this is you using the techniques. You touch and feel the yarn, you have dialogue with us, and it puts you in a good mood and you smile more. Maybe you see the colors of the yarn." I was dumbstruck! both by his observation/connection of literary technique to real life, and by the fact that he was right. All my "crafts" involve fiber (touch) colors (sight) they make me happy, (mood) I enjoy talking and joking while I am working on them (dialogue) I love the sounds of the knitting needles, sewing machine, or sorting through buttons, (sound) I love the smell of yarn and fibers (weird, I know), and I love sipping tea or coffee as I work. As I think about it now it is obvious, but until he came up to me, I had not made the total connection. People often ask me why I teach the class I teach. 5th - 8th grade Special Education students with behavior problems that will not allow them to be successful in a regular classroom setting, and I don't know how to answer them, but it is moments like this that remind me. The connections and breakthroughs these kids make can be humbling. The way there actions and discoveries can open my eyes and change my way of thinking. I have an awesome class! even if I am the only one who sees it. Oh, LOL, that student also asked me if I would make him a hat. I promised him I would start one next week. (how can you say no to someone who just blew your mind?)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chapter 64, pictures and good news

Well, here are the pics of the Year of the wiener blocks I have gotten done in the past 2 months. I have now done 7 out of 16. I really like the way they are turning out. I tried to take a pic of the socks I made Amanda, but she wore them home before I could get a pic. I am still working on my BCQC for stitchmap. Or at least I will be on Wednesday. I also joined another class, this one on hardanger. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. LOL I have a feeling stitchmap will increase my fiber addiction, not decrease it. The good news it that there is a 70% chance I wont need surgery for my shoulder! I start physical therapy tomorrow. The doc says we will know more by the end of November, but it seems that by working on my little "projects" instead of just resting my shoulder, I actually helped it. (Yeah me!!)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chapter 63, one armed work

Well, went in for another MRI, this time with a cat scan and a dye shot. hoping to hear from the doc soon, as this one armed thing is getting old. It has really slowed me down. Creative wise, I have now gotten 6 blocks done for the "year of the wiener" quilt. I am hoping to start on "March" this week. I have knit one pair of footies for Amanda, a hat for Nicholas, and a hat for myself. I have gotten four seems done on my striped fabric for my mentor, Shari. It takes forever to get anything done with just one arm. I can also say that my wonderful friends/family (I have decided we have all adopted each other) over at stitchmap are working on a very dear and wonderful surprise to help someone dear to me. I can't say a whole lot more, as it amazes me who stops by and reads my blog, and I want to keep secrets, well secret, ya know? I have somehow lost my camera, but as soon as I find it (hopefully this week) I will get some pics of stuff posted.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Chapter 62, the pity party

I am feeling sorry for myself today. I hurt my shoulder while i was in CA, I have been in pain and on pain meds since 7/17/09. The Dr. has x-rayed it, had an MRI done, and decided that the MRI was not accurate, so now is fighting with eh insurance company to get another MRI done, where they will inject dye into my shoulder. I have lost a ton of strength can not lift the arm, and am just miserable. sighs. I can't brush or wash my hair, and it is funny to watch me struggle into clothing. I had never thought about how much I relied on my right hand/arm to get dressed. I can't adjust my pants, or get my bra on, and pulling a shirt on is pain. I am even beginning to have problems driving. I am okay for short distances around town, but I am trying not to drive. The house is going to pot, as I can't even keep up with the laundry, or dishes. I can do some knitting, and some embroidery. I have not tried crochet yet. so maybe all is not lost. sighs. I just want the pain to go away so I can sleep for more than 3 hours a night.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chapter 61, The Pommie meets the girls

Cleo Violet

Today the girls are five weeks old and the kids and I decided it was time for them to "meet" the doggies. The dogs have sniffed the cage over, but today was the first time they got to sniff the girls over. I held the piggies and Reesie (who begged to be allowed to meet the girls) and Nicholas worked the camera. Reesie was so cute! he sniffed them all over, then licked them and tried to clean their ears. LOL when he was done, Violet sat up and gave herself a bath to fix her hair. Cleo just sat and took it. Both Piggie girls did not seem afraid of Reesie, and sniffed him over as he was cleaning them. Reesie is not to sure he likes me holding the piggies instead of him.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chapter 60, the Girls

Well have been back from California for a couple of day, but kind of tore my rotator cuff in my right shoulder, so things such as typing, unpacking and stitching are going kind of slow. I got to see my "girls" the wiener dogs. Miss Buttons and Miss Mona even posed with me. (okay so they laid there and let me hold them LOL) and Miss LillyBell even snuck in a picture. (She is a chihuahua and does not know she is not a wiener girl) I had a blast with my family, and with the "girls" but I was glad to get home to my Pommie. LOL he has spend almost every available moment in my lap. We also have two new additions to our family, Cleo and Violet, the guinea pigs. They are small (only 4 weeks old) so it is taking some adjusting, but I love their sweet little voices. Reesie is not to impressed and does not see any reason why I would want such creatures. LOL. I am off to take another pain pill. I will have to write more tomorrow. hugs to all.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chapter 59, PIF

Eileen over at is doing a PIF. I love PIF's. Getting to make a special gift for someone is one of my favorite things. I am still working on my gift for Miss. Ruby. (have narrowed it down to two ideas) and as I know she is one of the few people who leaves me comments, I am sure she will aslo by my PIF for this one too, if I am chosen. I have noticed since joining stitchmap, and CQfornewbies, that I am seeing so many things I want to try and do and make. The list is almost endless now. Family and friends will be happy as it means more gifts for them. There is just something special about starting a project you know is a gift for someone. I try hard to think of that person as I work on their gift, putting my prayers and hopes into it. I tell my students all the time that everyone has a special talent or gift, and that the best use of that talent or gift is to share it with others. Every year I have made each of my students a special Christmas ornament. and even now, 14 years later, when I run into an old student they still have that ornament and can't wait to tell me about it. There is something comforting and special in knowing that someone took time out of their day to make something just for you. So to the first five comments (please leave an e-mail address) I will send you a home made item sometime in the next year. (Most likely around Christmas as I love to send gifts and cards LOL) Please PIF. It does not matter to me if you post it on your blog, or just see someone in need and take a little of your time to make them feel special. Pass the gift on.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chapter 58, two new finishes!

I finally finished the flamingo block (the one the pommie undid) and the second block in the "Year of the Wiener" quilt. LOL only 14 more to go. To be honest, when I actually just sit and stitch (even with the pommie on my lap) they go quickly. I already love this quilt, and the memories it is bringing back of the wiener girls. I mailed Miss Ruby a copy of the pattern today as well as a few of the memories that go with the bocks. I hope to get the third block started tonight. I am also eagerly awaiting the beginning of the sewing and embellishing of the projects we are doing over at stitchmap. I love my mentor! and I think the projects are going to be beautiful.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Chapter 57, fabric changes and pictures

well, after digging around in my fabric drawer, I found three more pinks. I think I like the tone on tone the best with these fabrics for my project but just not sure. I also took pictures of my work on Skye's block in the cobalt blue RR. It hopefully will go out in the mail tomorrow. I have had a case of sun poisoning, so have not been able to do much the last few days. but the rash/blisters are slowly going away, and I am able to sleep again. so I have hopes of being back at my crafting in a few days.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chapter 56, fabric for the class

well, I switched a few pieces of fabric around in my selection for the CQ class/project. I am short on solids and tone on tones, most of what I have is patterns for scrap quilts. I am hoping this grouping works. I love the colors. I can't wait to get started on the sewing. I have finished working on the block for the cobalt blue RR. I will take some pics and post them tomorrow.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Chapter 55, Pommies, crabs, and sunburn

We took the kids to the beach yesterday. We all got sunburned. I am really sun sensitive, and get second degree burns, and it looks like that is what I am going to have on the back of my arms and thighs. It is already starting to blister. sighs. Oh well, am doing better than normal. for the past three years I have had bad burns by the end of May. this is the first bad burn this year.
I had planned on stitching last night, but at the last minute, Anthony decided to by crabs. So I had my first experience steaming live crabs last night. I had gotten a crab steamer a couple of weeks ago, but we had not tried it yet. On the way home from the beach we passed a crab shack, and Anthony bought 3 dozen all you can eats-mediums. The nice man using thick gloves and long tongs put the crabs in two big paper bags for us, and off we went. We got home and the kids went to shower and change and I set about cooking crabs. I put the bags on the floor, and got the water boiling and the steamer set up. Then I dumped the crabs in the steamer (I had no gloves but I was armed with long tongs) so here is the picture. I am in the kitchen wearing my bathing suit, hair in two braids, all hot and sweaty as only a big woman can sweat, with two paper bags of crabs ready to be dumped into the steamer and Three dogs wondering what the heck is in the bags. The first bag dumped in pretty easy, just a few crabs grabbing at the tongs, but the second bag was a different story. I got it dumped in the pot, and two of the crabs climbed out and went scattering across the top of the stove, one went into the trash can (which luckily I had just emptied) and the other hit the floor moving. The two big dogs headed for the living room. they did not know what that nasty thing was and they wanted no part of it. The pommie wanted to protect me, and got between me and the crab, the poor crab was trying to get away from everything, and now he has a barking pommie on him. Well the crab quickly cornered the pommie (I had to rescue him) and was doing his best to get away from the long tongs, while I was doing my best to hold the pommie (who was scared and barking) keep my bare toes out of the crabs reach, and get him with the tongs! It would have been easier if I had not been laughing so hard. I could clearly see myself and was very glad no one else was around to see it. I finally got he crab back in the pot, pulled the other one out of the trashcan and got him in the pot when the first crab got out again. I cornered him against the microwave, tossed him in the pot and slammed the lid on the pot. It took the pommie about 10 minutes before he was willing to get down on the floor and even then he kept looking around for the nasty crab. It took a lot of cuddles and a few treats to make him feel better. LOL

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chapter 54, my inspiration

okay, here are the pics that are my inspiration. I just have no idea how to make these into crazy quilt blocks!!! well, one is not a flamingo. I have noticed that as much as I love crazy quilting, and all things Victorian, I still keep going back to birds. I love peacocks, flamingos, cardinals, blue jays, all birds. I am not sure if that is Victorian or not. LOL I guess is just adds to my weirdness. Collecting birds, crabs, mermaids, and seashells, okay and a few friendly dragons thrown in with a few fairies sprinkled about.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Chapter 53, a work in progress

This is a sampler I am working on to practice/learn stitches. I wanted to try a band sampler, and started out with a band, but it just kind of evolved from there. Amanda has helped pick out some of the colors, and has decided that a mermaid and fish would look good on it too, so will incorporate them. just not sure how yet. I am open to suggestions. I am still planning on making a band sampler at some point. LOL but then who knows, as I have great intentions, and then my "fancy" runs wild and I just have to create something. I also have these pis of flamingos I took at the zoo, and Miss Ruby inspired me to create a block using the colors I see, but not sure how to go about doing it, and I don't have any bright pinks and greens. so not sure how I will create my flamingos. but I can see the block in my mind, with flamingos dancing all over it. i also have to get grandma's quilt going, something with peacocks and tulips and irises. LOL I know, I go into this head first, jump right into the deep end. but I already am so in love with crazy quilting. I can't wait to learn more.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chapter 52, I have a mentor!

I joined a group called stitchmap on yahoo. You kind of sign up to be mentored in your craft. There is a crazy quilting class starting this week. Last night we were given our supply list and assigned to a mentor! I am so excited. Miss Ruby will be taking the class too. (She has a special place in my heart/friends list as she loves wiener dogs) My Mentor is Shari. There are 6 mentors in the class. Each mentor has two "apprentices" and the mentors will be doing the projects right along with us. Our first job was to get a 3" 3 ring binder. I do not have a 3" but I found two 2" so I am hoping that will be okay. I am so excited to get started! I hope to learn so much. Stitchmap is a wonderful group of talented and supportive women.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Chapter 51, the future is in trouble

did you ever see your future and think, "Oh my, this is not going to be fun?" I have had glimpses of it lately, mostly over the past year. And lucky for me, I am only a minor player in this future. For I have looked into the eyes of 10, almost 11, year old girl, and had flashbacks of my mother and grandmother, and the pained look on their face as they looked in my eyes at that age. and the only thought running through my head is "hang on tight, we're in for a bumpy ride!!!" Now before anyone says anything, I love this child as if she were my own. I would do anything for her, including incurring her wrath by saying the dreaded "no", "hell no," and "not in this life time missy!" I will suffer through slammed doors, glares, pouts, fits, tears and all other manner of torture devised by the preteen and teen age female mind, all in the name of love. While I am pretty sure that the eyes looking at me right now are not the eyes of the sweet, loving gentle 6 year old angel I first fell in love with, from experience I know that in years to come I will look back this upcoming time of our lives and laugh (most likely when this angel is dealing with her own little darling) right now I cringe. I would not change places with anyone else in the world, as I look forward to seeing her blossom into an adult, and know that this process must happen in order for her to become an adult, there is an ache in my heart too, as I see the sweet angel growing, changing, testing limits. sighs. I know how my mom must have felt. I just wish she could be around to see that I survived my blossoming time (my mom died when I was 13) and became a talented caring woman. Amanda will be an amazing woman when her process is finished. Of that I have no doubt. But it is going to be a long ride. I think of the other darling asleep upstairs, and at this point whole heartedly agree that boys are easier!!! That may change, as right now he is only 12. being a parent, or a step-parent is not for the faint of heart.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chapter 50, to many ideas floating around

I can't sleep. I joined a new yahoo group today and I am so excited. It is called stitchmap and was created to give newbies a chance to learn from a mentor. I can't wait to take my first class/assignment and have a mentor. there is so much to learn. I have so many ideas floating around in my head right now, besides the "year of the pommie" embroidery LOL. I was thinking of a crazy quilt where you use silkies of ladies' heads and create cameos on the blocks, using beads and gold or silver thread to make the "frames" not sure how it would work, but I can see it in my mind. I should be asleep. the kid are here, and Nicholas will be up by 7 tomorrow. It will be a busy day, but I want to create so bad. My finger is sore from embroidery, plus I kind of slammed two of my fingers on my right hand in the window earlier, so I am icing it. which means no embroidery for me tonight. sighs. I wonder if I will ever be able to create all the thing I can see in my mind?

Chapter 49, jealous pommies, pink bras, and embroidery

WhooHoo! the first "Year of the Wiener" block is done! LOL only 15 more to go. It went pretty quickly. So Maybe, just maybe I will get these done by Christmas. I was hoping to scan the patterns in and get them e-mailed to Miss Ruby, but can't figure the scanner out. I will try again tomorrow, and if not, will get them in the mail to her on Tuesday. unfortunately, the lovely pink flamingo embroidery was a casualty of pommie jealousy (imagine, working on a "year of the wiener block, and not a "Year of the Pommie" block, I mean really!) so I had to pick out part of her wing, wash her, and am in the process of restitching her. I guess it would not hurt me to design a "Year of the Pommie" quilt too, LOL. mmm will have to play with that idea when we take the kids to the beach this summer. Maybe I can come up with set of patterns by January. As for pink bras, I have finally crossed over. I am not quite sure when it happened, but I noticed that it did happen. It used to be that I did not care how the bra felt, as long as it was pretty, sexy, and i felt made the "girls" look perky, or at least better. Having thrown out a few bras this past week, and gotten rid of one of my "pretty" ones because it left welts and digs in my shoulders, i went bra shopping. What surprised me as I shopped is that I am at the point in my life where "sexy" and "pretty" really are not the biggest selling points anymore. I found myself looking at what years ago I considered "old lady bras" You know the kind. the 18 hour cross your heart, only come in beige, white, and sometimes black or a pale pink. Full cups, no half cups, or tiny straps. No underwires to cut in or poke out. The kind of bras that seem to always look the same no matter how many times they have been washed. They promise to hold the "girls" up. keep them from hanging down to my knees. not sexy, just functional. Know what the big shocker was? they felt better. No more welts, or bruises. No more adjusting straps, or wondering if the "girls" were going to escape in any way. No worrying about lace or patterns showing through my shirts. The "girls" are up off my knees, nothing is poking, prodding, or bruising, and I feel comfortable in my clothes. Now back to embroidery, with the "girls" safely encased, and no more discomfort, I find I am enjoying the handwork more, as there is no more pain. Good thing. LOL maybe I should do an "Age of Bras" quilt, showing the differences we look for as we age. mmmmm and maybe not LOL. We get the kids tonight. I have to take them into work with me tomorrow. I am being paid to come in for two days and look at the math curriculum. So as Anthony is working tonight, I will take the kids with me tomorrow, and he will watch them Tuesday. Then I am off work, until August 3. seems like a short vacation lol. Oh well.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chapter 48, The Last Day!!!

Yes, today is the last day!!!!!!!! June 5 was the last student day, and today, June 11 is the last teacher day!!!! I don't have to go back to work until the beginning of August!!! July 13 we are flying into Las Vegas for a couple of days, then we drive to CA and visit family (I get to see the wiener girls!!!) We will be flying home July 26. This Sunday we get the kids, and they will be with us for almost 2 weeks. ( I love having the kids here!) we have plans to go to the beach, work in the yard, move furniture, and hopefully get my sewing room set up. It will probably be a busy summer, But today is the last morning of me having to be up early for over a month! LOL even though I know I will still get up early, now I won't have to. I plan on getting some of the Year of the Wiener blocks done in my morning time. well, off to work. (with a huge smile on my face LOL)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Chapter 47, The Beginning

Okay, as I finished the baby afghan, and one of my other embroidery blocks (which is destined to become a potholder) I allowed myself to begin two new projects. I started on my "Year of the Wiener" quilt, and I started one I am doing just for fun. The wiener blocks are simple, but I am doing the words first as I hate embroidering the words. (No, I don't know why) I also took a pic of the wiener girl I did on Miss Ruby's block in the Cobalt group RR. I thought it turned out so cute!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Chapter 46, almost done!

Friday, June 5th was the last student day. (okay maybe, just maybe I danced for joy as I put my darlings on the bus LOL) this week is it. We have to go until the 11th, then we are off for the summer!!! I have to admit it was a bittersweet day. my four 8th graders will go on to the high school, and given time to recover from them, I will miss them. I did finish my granny square baby blanket, just have to get a picture of it. I have been busy today. put on my apron (Oh how I love aprons!!!! I just wish I had some pretty ones) and made beef stroganof, and lasagna. Also made home made sloppy joes. So I don't have to cook to much over the next few days. The next block in the Cobalt RR came this week, so tonight I plan on looking at it and dreaming. I need to e-mail Ruby back about the "Year of the Wiener" embroidery, and once I dig it out, I can almost promise I will be ready to work on it. I just can't decide if I want to do it all in one color (kind of a redwork type thing) or play with all my colors, maybe add some beads and some tatting too, LOL (it seems once you start crazyquilting, you want to embellish almost everything!) I will think on it for a few hours and see.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chapter 45, finishing things

After finishing the second sock, I decided it was time to finish up a few other WIP's/UFO's. So my knew resolve for the next 6 months is that I have to finish one old project before i can start a new one. In theory that means I should cut my new project starts in half, and my WIP's/UFO's in half. We shall see. So after finishing the socks, I decided to finish up the granny square baby blanket. I found I had 30 squares done, which is enough to make a baby blanket, so I am slowly sewing them into rows and hopefully will have them finished soon. Once it is done I am going to start on my "year of the wiener" embroidery (and to be honest, I will probably cast on another pair of socks. LOL)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chapter 44, A pair of socks!

I finished the other sock! I now have a pair. I am so stupid proud of myself. LOL it is early and the only ones up are me and the dogs. (Who are not that impressed with the socks, and would rather know more about what I am eating) I am ready to start another pair. I know it sounds silly, but I feel so smart. I can knit socks and baby sweaters, I can crochet granny squares and simple things, I can make quilt top, I can embroider, I can create a crazy quilt square, and I can almost tat! I am woman, hear me roar!!!! I can all the things that are considered old fashioned, or at least some of the things! Now if I could just find the perfect recipes for mac-n-cheese and rice pudding.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chapter 43 What makes you a mom?

If anyone asked me if I was a mom, I would probably say no. and yet, the events of the past few weeks has really made me stop and think. I have the two step-children that I love to pieces, worry over, and at times argue with. But for whatever reason I was sure I wasn't a mom cuz no one calls me mom. Oh i think of myself of mom to my furrbabies, but that was it. Then Saturday, Nicholas was up all night with an earache. I sat up with him, not because I had to, but because it felt right, if that makes any sense. I sat at the desk, making sure the hot water compress stayed warm, that he was okay, and watching him sleep. I am the one who washes sheets when some one has an accident, cleans up throw-up when someone is sick, worries about fevers, and stresses about to much junk food. I am the one the kids want to sit next to and they tend to curl up with me and offer hugs. I am the one who takes pride in what they do, and gets on them to do better, the whole time trying to support what their mom and dad are telling them, yet making them realize that they can talk to me if they need someone to talk to. So I wonder, does all this make me a mom? How do I define a mother?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chapter 42, jellyrolls and "real" quilting

Vickie is having a give-away on her blog Mid-Ohio Quilter (, but she is drawing the name tomorrow. She is giving away a scrap bag which has a moda jellyroll. It has all of Amanda's favorite colors in it. It would be nice tow in, but even if not, I might just going searching for jellyrolls next payday. Amanda and Nicholas both have asked for quilts, and I really should make them one. I have always wanted to make a star sampler quilt, and a basket sampler. I have thought about making myself a sampler quilt when I finish Aunt Marie's year of the wiener. mmmm Both kids love the crazy quilt stuff. They have both offered opinions while I was working on the last block (Blue RR) I really have to start grandma's crazy quilt this summer. I plan to do one for her that is full of peacocks and flowers. It is easy to get flower things to embroidery, but peacocks is harder. I am still looking.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chapter 41, PIF and The Gift

I love checking out blogs. Seeing other's art inspires me, and often encourages (read "makes") me try new things. Today I discovered a new blog that I love. moonchild has some wonderful things. She is also doing a PIF (*pay it forward) give-away on her blog. I think this is a wonderful idea. So I am going to try it. taking out my family (okay, Aunt Bonnie you can still count) I will send something small and home made to the first 4 people who leave a comment for me. (and an e-mail address to please, so I can get a hold of you to get your snail mail address) Right now I am tatting. so most likely you will get something tatted (okay so I only know how to do butterflies, but it is a start) but I also do a little crochet, so it might be a small doily or basket motif for CQing. I am not sure what it will be, but it will be home made. it might take me until mid May to have it ready to go, so please be patient. Also, please pay it forward. if not on your blog, then send a "thinking of you" card, small gift, or e-mail to someone, just to make them feel special. We all have so many gifts we could be sharing with others, it is time to pay our gifts forward. (yes I know, I am on my soapbox, LOL) This idea has really been on my mind the last month. I have been given so many wonderful gifts. I have received CQ newbie baggies from others to help me get started, packed full of beautiful things, not just fabric. charms, beads, fabric, threads, laces. I have learned that many of the people who populate the the fabric/thread/yarn/CQ world are warm and giving people. My goal is to be the same. (stepping down off my soapbox now)
okay, now about "The Gift." Yesterday my Prince Charming bought me a present. He took me for a drive (over an hour away) and bought me a Singer Featherweight!!!! Oh she is beautiful, and sews like a dream! She has her case, attachments, some bobbins and is soooo pretty. The only thing I need to find is a book/ sewing manual. According to her number on the bottom, she was made in 1956 or 57 (from what I have learned on the Internet this morning) I can hardly wait to get her set up and start using her. That will give me two singers. to use for my crazy quilting. I don't know why, but there is just something about sewing my patches on the old machines that makes it feel so special. Silly maybe, but I am learning that it is not just what is created but the process of how I create it that I truly enjoy. When I am working on things, I spend a lot of time in prayer for the person I am creating for, or when it is just something that had to be created (and you know how that happens) I spend a lot of time just talking to God and listening to what He has to tell me. So the process is very important. I truly feel very blessed this morning. and am looking forward to the time I will spend creating for others, both with the new machine, and with my needles and thread. Take time to count your blessings today, and look around, for no matter how dark things seem, there is always someone around that you can bless or help, and that will make your life a little lighter too.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chapter 40, stitches, thread and the second sock

Well, I cast on the second sock today. I couldn't put it off any longer. I thought about it, and as I do not know any one footed people, if i want to wear my socks, I must knit two. So I got it cast on and started after only three tries. Which is better than the first sock which took 7 tries. This one is already two whole inches long. Last time it took me two days to get that far. If all goes well, I will have a pair of socks by this time next week. I got the blue block ready to mail, and will get it out tomorrow. I added a few cast on stitch flowers to the one side. That was my new stitch yesterday. I really enjoyed making it. I added the cast on stitch to my blue block too. ( I am making myself a blue block to practice and play with.) The cast on stitch looks good in both the DC embroidery floss, and the pearl Cotton I tried it with. I really think I need to make a band sampler, but then, if I make enough blocks, I will accomplish the same thing. I got my sewing machine back yesterday. I am going to set it up tonight to make sure it is sewing. So many things to create, so little time. so many ideas and patterns floating around in my head.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chapter 39, I forgot to post pictures of the block!

I forgot to post pics of my work on the block for the Cobalt RR group! here they are.

Chapter 38, back from the bridge

We had a wonderful trip up to Natural Bridge, VA. We visited the bridge, the wax and toy museums, and the caverns (where I learned I hate caverns) then stopped on our way home and took Mom and Robbie out to dinner for Easter. It was good seeing them again. I was going to blog yesterday, but was so tired after all the driving and everything. Oh and yesterday I finished the blue block I need to mail out Thursday. not bad for my first attempt at working on another person's block and at tatting a butterfly.
Back to the natural bridge. It is really pretty. A lot of walking, but worth it. We walked to the end of the trail and saw the waterfall too. We even visited "Foamhinge" Anthony took me out to a wonderful dinner both nights we were there. He always makes me feel so special and loved. I am very, very lucky to have him. He truly is my Prince Charming!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Chapter 37 One finished Sock!!!

Look, One Finished !!!! I did it. I knit a sock! Pommie help and all, I got it done. I will cast on the other sock when I get back from my little vacation. Anthony is taking me to Natural Bridge in VA today. We will come home Easter night, after stopping and taking his mom out to dinner. So I will blog Monday, and post pictures of the natural bridge. until then I will be smug in the knowledge that I have actually knit a sock. (and we will ignore the fact that this one sock cost about $4 to knit, so the pair will cost $8 and I could by a three pack for that, but that is not the point!)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chapter 36, Pommies and Yarn vs elkhounds

You know that cute little fluffy butt? The one sitting in my blue chair? My baby? He is a pain in the rear. about two days after my last post he "unknit" my sock! Not only did he unknit my sock, he wound the yarn all around the living room and his sister! Then had the nerve to smile at me! Pommies are a pain in the rear. I love him, but he is a pain.
And then there is his sister, Misha. AKA dumb dog. she has gotten out of the yard four times lately. (although we think we have fixed the problem) and her favorite game is hide-N-seek in the cemetery. She runs around and plays among the headstones, chews and steals the flowers, and things I am chasing her as part of the game. By the time I caught her, tried to fix the flowers and things she had moved, and then picked up and carried her heavy (45 lb) fluffy butt back to the house each time, I was not in a good mood. The only high point of all that was that I met Howard and Thunderbolt. Howard is an older gentleman (I would guess in his 70's or more) who, along with his wife, is owned by a red wiener dog names thunderbolt. I met them on my first "game" of catch the elk hound. What is so special about Howard and Thunderbolt is that Howard was born and lived close to where I was born and raised. He has family back there still, knew about my grandparent's shop, where it was, and then there is Thunderbolt. When I was growing up I had a Thunderbolt. both the Thunderbolts are built the same, round, and fast. Howard was chasing his Thunderbolt, and the dog ran right up to me, let me pick him up and was as sweet as could be. Howard said he had never seen him do that, usually Thunderbolt barks and snaps at people. What can I say. I am special.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chapter 35, Thank God Friday is over

I am so glad it is Saturday. Yesterday was super stressful. Someone called in a bomb threat to our district at 8:15. At 8:30 an announcement came over the intercom for all students to exit the building. I grabbed my purse, but we all thought it was a fire drill. After standing in our lines outside for about 5 minutes they had us move all the kids to the football field. We had them out there for almost 2 hours. Most of them did not have sweaters or coats (we had just started DSTP's) they did pretty good. once we got the last ones off with their parents, or onto the buses we were told we could go. But most people had left their keys in the building. I was one of the lucky ones so I went home. I am not sure how long it was before they could go in and get their keys. I do know that they had to do the same thing at all our schools in Laurel. Oh well.
Oh, I forgot to write about what my Prince Charming did. He took me on a shopping spree! I was on my way home from work, and he told me to meet him at Boscov's. (one of my favorite stores!) He had gone out to surprise me by buying me a box of chocolates, but instead decided to surprise me with a spree. He had already picked out a new crock pot, and a mattress pad. I then got to add a dutch oven, spice rack, large frying pan, and a couple of new outfits. All things I have wanted. He then took me out to the movies and dinner. I am so spoiled. Even though times are tough, he makes sure to spoil me when he can. What more could any woman ask for? I am so lucky to have Anthony and the kids in my life.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chapter 34, DPN's are a pain in the rear end

Okay, after 7, yes 7 tries, I finally got all my stitches on the needles, and began to knit in the round. by the time i went to bed last night I was thinking nasty thoughts about knitting and decided maybe I did not want to learn how to knit socks. but things are going better this morning. I have done 6 whole rounds, still have the right amount of stitches. While I was casting on (over and over again) last night, a certain fluffy butted baby snuck into my chair to claim the afghan. (see pictures above.) I have two Afghans on my chair, both knit by my Aunt Bonnie. for some reason, Reesie loves the afghans. He tries to snuggle with them all the time. I have tried giving him towels and other blankies, but he wants those two afghans. Obviously so do I, so we have an ongoing battle over who they belong to. Usually we are able to kind of reach a compromise, as I have them and he curls up on my lap so he gets to use them too. He knows he is not allowed in the chair unless I am sitting there, and he knows that he is not allowed on the Afghans. We can see how well he listens. sighs. Soon I am going to start sorting my floss and thread for my crazy quilting and embroidery. (that is one of tonight's goal's) and work some more on getting Aunt Marie's quilt traced over. I am hoping to get it started this week. I will try and get some pictures of the pattern I created.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Chapter 33, I hate double pointed needles

Okay, so maybe I don't hate them, but am having a devil of a time figuring out how to cast on and then join and knit in the round. I will attempt it again tonight once Anthony goes to work. I am also going to begin tracing "The Year of the Wiener" blocks. I still have two baby blocks to finish, (well really one and a half) but I really want to get the wiener quilt done by November.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Chapter 32, socks

I am ready to try knitting socks. I finished the gray hole (aka the sweater for me) or at least almost finished. I needs to be sewn up on the sides. So last night Anthony took me to one of my favorite yarn and needlework stores, Sea Needles, and I bought a simple sock pattern, a set of double pointed needles, and two skeins of sport weight sock yarn. (okay and I bought 18 skeins of thread for my embroidery/crazy quilting, and a sampler cross stitch pattern) I am planning to try casting my socks on tonight. I am also hoping to get some of Aunt Marie's "year of the wiener" transferred to squares this weekend. Anthony works nights, so it will help keep me busy. I really miss him when he works nights, but he prefers to work nights. sighs.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chapter 31, the blue square

Well, I did it. I finished sewing up my blue crazy quilt square. I worry that it will not be good enough, but Anthony and Christine both tell me it is fine, so I will let it go and know that it will come back beautiful. I am still nervous about working on the squares of others, but excited too. I hope to learn a lot with this swap.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chapter 30, the four inch squares

Well, I cut my base square for the Blue crazy square round robin. I Got my letter last night, I am in the cobalt group. LOL I love cobalt blue!!!! but after cutting my square, and a the base squares for my "the year of the wiener" quilt, I had 12 4 inch squares of muslin left over. So what to do with them? Actually I had 14, but I used 2 to practice on, so that leaves 12. I was thinking of doing a "red work" mini quilt of people I love, only doing each person in a different color. But now it is deciding who I want to put in my mini quilt. Hmmm not as easy as it seams. I guess I could combine people and special events. Not sure. Okay lets work on my list.
1. Anthony 2. Nicholas 3. Amanda 4. Dad 5. Grandma 6. My Mom 7. Bonnie 8. Marie
9. Jocko 10. Me 11. Anthony and I together, 12. personal info, I guess. I just can't figure out what to do with the last two squares. I don't want to get into the cousins, so what to do with the last two squares. will have to think about it some. and start to hunt down pictures.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Chapter 29 the snow day

well, we finally got it, snow. The were predicting it, but that has happened before. then I got the call last night, that there was no school today! I am really hoping this stretches into two snow days! I love the snow. Of course I don't have to go out in it, or drive. I get to sit and snuggle under my afghan and look at it through the window. The doggies seemed to enjoy it. LOL Reesie went bouncing off into it, until it hit is belly, then he quickly came back up to the porch, and no prefers to view the snow from the warmth and safety of my arms. (preferable while we are wrapped in an afghan or a jacket LOL) Misha thought it was wonderful and rolled and played in it. Chester tried to catch it, and jumped up. He looked so cute. Although I will welcome spring, as I long to grow things, (okay so I long to grow morning glories and tomatoes, but might add a few other things this year) I am enjoying the moment right now. If only I weren't sick and had my sewing room set up, today would be perfect.