Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chapter 66, Traditions

With Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching, I was lying in bed last night and began thinking of what I wanted to get done. So much of what I want to do for the holidays centers around tradition. the making of fudge, peanut brittle and English toffee, homemade ornaments, handmade gift,foods made only this time of year. I have noticed it is harder for me to get into the swing of things being so far from my family, as Anthony really doesn't have any traditions, and the kids have not been raised with the same type of traditions. So really, I only make and do things for me. But I have decided this year that I will mail a box home with all the homemade goodies I can cram into it, and I will work on a couple of gifts for next year. Katrina and Joey both need homemade stockings, so I will begin theirs this year and get them mailed out by next October. Then I would like to make some for Anthony, Nicholas, Amanda and I. I also plan on making 1 extra for any new baby that should come along back home, someone back there should be able to add a name. I want to make sure the kids have a set of handmade ornaments, so I was thinking if I could get 2 a month done, then by next year they would have a nice set. even if I only get one a month done, they would still have a set for their tree's someday. I also think I am going to write a journal of holiday memories and traditions. I plan on including pics from past holidays. I know the journal will be more than a year long project, but I will at least get it started. I was thinking of maybe getting a scrapbook and trying scrap booking to accomplish it. I will think on it some more this week, and maybe get a chance to outline a plan this weekend. Anyone with ideas or advice, please share it!

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