Friday, November 9, 2012

Chapter 83, In which I become slightly snobby

Well, after spending hours and hours and hours (okay, over 30 in teh past two weeks) looking at patterns or Christmas Ornaments, I have decided I am a snob. i loke the patterns from the 1900's-1950's. I hate (with a passion) the stuff from teh 1970's and 1980's. so it is "old-fashioned" or me all the way. Not that I am all that surprised by this information/glimps into my personaility. I mean, I know I am drawn to the fashions and styles o the 1920's-1940's. so this added information does not truely rock my little world. I have also noticed, as I search, that I really wish I could aford real wool felt. maybe some day.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chapter 82, In which the Nation votes

I voted today, which will (at least in my little mind) give me the right to bitch and complain for the next four years. I hate when poeple complain, and then you find out they did not vote. If you dont care enough to vote, then what do you care how things go?
I also spent today surfing the web looking for christmas ornament ideas. Hurricane Sandy kind of took out my basement, (flooded) and most of my christmas ornaments, so I am going to work on creating new ones. I have looked at felt, and yarn, and cross stitch. I think I would like to create ornaments that remind me of family and memeroies. I also spent some time today thinking about my crazy quilt project. still have not decided what I want to do. But I do know who I want to put on my quilt, if I do a family quilt. Anthony, Amanda, Nicholas, My Mom, Grandma, Dad, Bonnie, Bee, Marie, Al, Ruthie, Jocko, Paulina, Lester, Tina, Andy, Katrina, Joey, and Grandma Billie. Will have to spend some more time thinkin/planning.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Chapter 81, In which I return from a horrible year

It has been a very long, hard year. Between my foot surgery not healing as expected, the problems still ongoing, and then the death of Ruthie, (my cousin/little sister) it seems as if I have been in darkness for a long long time. 2012 seemed to be about surviving, not living. But now it is time to come back to the light. I have plenty of projects to work on, so it is time to let my creativity out, to begin to create and express myself again.  It was reading about the crazyquilt journal project challenge for 2013 that kindled the small flame that is relighting my soul. It is My goal is to post on my blog once a week, or t least 3 times a month, which is a lot of posting considering I have not posted in a year.
On the happy side, Ressie is still my baby (love that Pommie!) Anthony and I are celebrating our 7th anniversery on Monday, November 5th, and we will both be celbrating our birthdays this month, (anthony on the 14th, me on the 15th)
 God Bless