Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chapter 82, In which the Nation votes

I voted today, which will (at least in my little mind) give me the right to bitch and complain for the next four years. I hate when poeple complain, and then you find out they did not vote. If you dont care enough to vote, then what do you care how things go?
I also spent today surfing the web looking for christmas ornament ideas. Hurricane Sandy kind of took out my basement, (flooded) and most of my christmas ornaments, so I am going to work on creating new ones. I have looked at felt, and yarn, and cross stitch. I think I would like to create ornaments that remind me of family and memeroies. I also spent some time today thinking about my crazy quilt project. still have not decided what I want to do. But I do know who I want to put on my quilt, if I do a family quilt. Anthony, Amanda, Nicholas, My Mom, Grandma, Dad, Bonnie, Bee, Marie, Al, Ruthie, Jocko, Paulina, Lester, Tina, Andy, Katrina, Joey, and Grandma Billie. Will have to spend some more time thinkin/planning.

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