Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chapter 9

A new Fur Baby.
We had two dogs and four cats, more than enough fur babies for any sane person. I had my Pommie, Reesie, ruler of my heart, the Cheeseball, Chester, our big lovable clown, and the "bad cats" who make me smile, and keep me moving. Until yesterday. Yesterday my prince charming gave me my Valentine gift a few days late. On Valentinte's day, Anthony gave me a cute stuffed dog who begs for hugs from hallmark, and 3 lbs of Chocolate from Boscov's (my secong favorite candy!) I thought that was it. We had plans to go out to dinner tonight to celebrate. Then yesterday happen. Friends of ours have Norewegian Elkhounds. One of their females had 5 puppies, and they had found homes for 3 of them. We had visited them a month ago and I fell in love with them, I wanted one so bad, but Anthony said we did not need 3 dogs, and we could not afford to board 3 dogs when we go away for the summer. When we visited our friends yesterday, they had 2 females left. They had been selling the puppies, but offered us one for free. All I did was look at my prince charming, and he said we would take one. So now we have Meesha, or Misha, still not sure how we are going to spell it. She is a beautiful babies. and I have a feeling will be my "baby girl" and spoiled rotten before long. Elkhounds are part of the spitz family, which I have already figured out seems to be my favorite dog "family" (with the exception of Pugs, LOL) So now I am a Pommie/Elkhound/Cheeseball mommie. Or I guess a Spitz mommie. MMMM will have to think about it. Not sure how to word this new title. LOL

Friday, February 8, 2008

Chapter 8

I need to write more often. This has become my journal. Somethings are still way to private to write here, but I still need to write more. We are in the season of Lent. It started Wednesday. (2/6/08) I am giving up fried food. (and maybe french fries.) Anthony has decided to give up caffene. This is the first time he has decided to give something up. I am not catholic, but am thinking aobut going to the catholic church for Nicholas and Amanda. I wonder if there is a way to blend my beliefs with the Catholic church? I will have to look into it more. IT bothers me, not belonging to a church. I need the fellowship. I need to be "fed" and taught. I will talk more to Christine about it this weekend. Not doing so hot with the exercise, but I do manage to get between 11,000 and 15,000 steps in on most school days. I need to buckle down. I am hovering at 298. Glad I am below 300, but I want to move down. So I am setting little mini goals. the first is getting below 290. That is my goal by 2/17. get to 289. Then my next goal will be to get to 280. I would like to be to 280 by 3/1. Then 270 by 3/28. 260 by 4/20. 250 by 5/20. 240 by 6/20. 230 by 7/20, 220 by 8/20 , 210 by 10/01, and 200 by 11/15. Then maybe I could make 190 by Christmas. I am hoping. I know I can do it. I have faith in myself, and Anthony is very encouraging.