Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chapter 42, jellyrolls and "real" quilting

Vickie is having a give-away on her blog Mid-Ohio Quilter (, but she is drawing the name tomorrow. She is giving away a scrap bag which has a moda jellyroll. It has all of Amanda's favorite colors in it. It would be nice tow in, but even if not, I might just going searching for jellyrolls next payday. Amanda and Nicholas both have asked for quilts, and I really should make them one. I have always wanted to make a star sampler quilt, and a basket sampler. I have thought about making myself a sampler quilt when I finish Aunt Marie's year of the wiener. mmmm Both kids love the crazy quilt stuff. They have both offered opinions while I was working on the last block (Blue RR) I really have to start grandma's crazy quilt this summer. I plan to do one for her that is full of peacocks and flowers. It is easy to get flower things to embroidery, but peacocks is harder. I am still looking.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chapter 41, PIF and The Gift

I love checking out blogs. Seeing other's art inspires me, and often encourages (read "makes") me try new things. Today I discovered a new blog that I love. moonchild has some wonderful things. She is also doing a PIF (*pay it forward) give-away on her blog. I think this is a wonderful idea. So I am going to try it. taking out my family (okay, Aunt Bonnie you can still count) I will send something small and home made to the first 4 people who leave a comment for me. (and an e-mail address to please, so I can get a hold of you to get your snail mail address) Right now I am tatting. so most likely you will get something tatted (okay so I only know how to do butterflies, but it is a start) but I also do a little crochet, so it might be a small doily or basket motif for CQing. I am not sure what it will be, but it will be home made. it might take me until mid May to have it ready to go, so please be patient. Also, please pay it forward. if not on your blog, then send a "thinking of you" card, small gift, or e-mail to someone, just to make them feel special. We all have so many gifts we could be sharing with others, it is time to pay our gifts forward. (yes I know, I am on my soapbox, LOL) This idea has really been on my mind the last month. I have been given so many wonderful gifts. I have received CQ newbie baggies from others to help me get started, packed full of beautiful things, not just fabric. charms, beads, fabric, threads, laces. I have learned that many of the people who populate the the fabric/thread/yarn/CQ world are warm and giving people. My goal is to be the same. (stepping down off my soapbox now)
okay, now about "The Gift." Yesterday my Prince Charming bought me a present. He took me for a drive (over an hour away) and bought me a Singer Featherweight!!!! Oh she is beautiful, and sews like a dream! She has her case, attachments, some bobbins and is soooo pretty. The only thing I need to find is a book/ sewing manual. According to her number on the bottom, she was made in 1956 or 57 (from what I have learned on the Internet this morning) I can hardly wait to get her set up and start using her. That will give me two singers. to use for my crazy quilting. I don't know why, but there is just something about sewing my patches on the old machines that makes it feel so special. Silly maybe, but I am learning that it is not just what is created but the process of how I create it that I truly enjoy. When I am working on things, I spend a lot of time in prayer for the person I am creating for, or when it is just something that had to be created (and you know how that happens) I spend a lot of time just talking to God and listening to what He has to tell me. So the process is very important. I truly feel very blessed this morning. and am looking forward to the time I will spend creating for others, both with the new machine, and with my needles and thread. Take time to count your blessings today, and look around, for no matter how dark things seem, there is always someone around that you can bless or help, and that will make your life a little lighter too.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chapter 40, stitches, thread and the second sock

Well, I cast on the second sock today. I couldn't put it off any longer. I thought about it, and as I do not know any one footed people, if i want to wear my socks, I must knit two. So I got it cast on and started after only three tries. Which is better than the first sock which took 7 tries. This one is already two whole inches long. Last time it took me two days to get that far. If all goes well, I will have a pair of socks by this time next week. I got the blue block ready to mail, and will get it out tomorrow. I added a few cast on stitch flowers to the one side. That was my new stitch yesterday. I really enjoyed making it. I added the cast on stitch to my blue block too. ( I am making myself a blue block to practice and play with.) The cast on stitch looks good in both the DC embroidery floss, and the pearl Cotton I tried it with. I really think I need to make a band sampler, but then, if I make enough blocks, I will accomplish the same thing. I got my sewing machine back yesterday. I am going to set it up tonight to make sure it is sewing. So many things to create, so little time. so many ideas and patterns floating around in my head.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chapter 39, I forgot to post pictures of the block!

I forgot to post pics of my work on the block for the Cobalt RR group! here they are.

Chapter 38, back from the bridge

We had a wonderful trip up to Natural Bridge, VA. We visited the bridge, the wax and toy museums, and the caverns (where I learned I hate caverns) then stopped on our way home and took Mom and Robbie out to dinner for Easter. It was good seeing them again. I was going to blog yesterday, but was so tired after all the driving and everything. Oh and yesterday I finished the blue block I need to mail out Thursday. not bad for my first attempt at working on another person's block and at tatting a butterfly.
Back to the natural bridge. It is really pretty. A lot of walking, but worth it. We walked to the end of the trail and saw the waterfall too. We even visited "Foamhinge" Anthony took me out to a wonderful dinner both nights we were there. He always makes me feel so special and loved. I am very, very lucky to have him. He truly is my Prince Charming!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Chapter 37 One finished Sock!!!

Look, One Finished !!!! I did it. I knit a sock! Pommie help and all, I got it done. I will cast on the other sock when I get back from my little vacation. Anthony is taking me to Natural Bridge in VA today. We will come home Easter night, after stopping and taking his mom out to dinner. So I will blog Monday, and post pictures of the natural bridge. until then I will be smug in the knowledge that I have actually knit a sock. (and we will ignore the fact that this one sock cost about $4 to knit, so the pair will cost $8 and I could by a three pack for that, but that is not the point!)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chapter 36, Pommies and Yarn vs elkhounds

You know that cute little fluffy butt? The one sitting in my blue chair? My baby? He is a pain in the rear. about two days after my last post he "unknit" my sock! Not only did he unknit my sock, he wound the yarn all around the living room and his sister! Then had the nerve to smile at me! Pommies are a pain in the rear. I love him, but he is a pain.
And then there is his sister, Misha. AKA dumb dog. she has gotten out of the yard four times lately. (although we think we have fixed the problem) and her favorite game is hide-N-seek in the cemetery. She runs around and plays among the headstones, chews and steals the flowers, and things I am chasing her as part of the game. By the time I caught her, tried to fix the flowers and things she had moved, and then picked up and carried her heavy (45 lb) fluffy butt back to the house each time, I was not in a good mood. The only high point of all that was that I met Howard and Thunderbolt. Howard is an older gentleman (I would guess in his 70's or more) who, along with his wife, is owned by a red wiener dog names thunderbolt. I met them on my first "game" of catch the elk hound. What is so special about Howard and Thunderbolt is that Howard was born and lived close to where I was born and raised. He has family back there still, knew about my grandparent's shop, where it was, and then there is Thunderbolt. When I was growing up I had a Thunderbolt. both the Thunderbolts are built the same, round, and fast. Howard was chasing his Thunderbolt, and the dog ran right up to me, let me pick him up and was as sweet as could be. Howard said he had never seen him do that, usually Thunderbolt barks and snaps at people. What can I say. I am special.