Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chapter 7

Life can be interesting. Someone on one of my yahoo groups shared a site,, and my world seemed to change. I love her attitude. baby steps. I tend to forget I did not get this way overnight, so I will not be able to change overnight. I have a lot to learn about myself, although I have already learned a few new things about me. I have learned that I love the way I feel after working out. I love how I feel when I am making good food choices. These are two things I would never have thought of myself. I need to do more with this. I need to spend more time cleaning and exercising. I have been thinking, and I think if I spend 20 minutes a day cleaning, and 20 minutes a day (on top of my workout with Ingley) exercising (walking) I will be heading in the right direction. I need to take my health/wight/emotional well being seriously. So that is my goal for the next 2 weeks. It is time to quit being afraid, face my fears, and move on. In almost any situation, what I fear the most is losing my job, then my home. I can always find another job, The Lord will always provide a home. The Lord has shown me a few things these past few days that I need to work on, so I will. 2008 is the year I reclaim/become who I am meant to be. This is the year I attain my goals. This is the year I discover/grow. I am already doing things I never thought I would do (using the exercise ball and treadmill) I am going to be. Be alive, be growing, be stretching, be smart, be funny, I am going to be.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chapter 6

half way through January. Is hard to believe. On the plus side I have lost 4 pounds, and have managed to exercise an average of 3 times a week. Not great, but much better than I did last year. I have started working on my cat cross stitch sampler again. This is the year I finish it! Same with my crocheted afghan. I am off to a good start with my scrapbooking project. Okay, so i only took pictures, but at least I have some pictures from January. If all goes well, I will get the pics scrapbooked next weekend. If I can get 3 or 4 pages per month, It will be a nice scrap book. Anthony said I can buy a wedding scrapbook in March, so I plan on working on that this summer. I really want a wedding album. I have kind of started to clean out my sewing room, so Ihope to start my quilts again by the end if the month. I have let depression take away a lot o things. Now it is time to take it back.