Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chapter 63, one armed work

Well, went in for another MRI, this time with a cat scan and a dye shot. hoping to hear from the doc soon, as this one armed thing is getting old. It has really slowed me down. Creative wise, I have now gotten 6 blocks done for the "year of the wiener" quilt. I am hoping to start on "March" this week. I have knit one pair of footies for Amanda, a hat for Nicholas, and a hat for myself. I have gotten four seems done on my striped fabric for my mentor, Shari. It takes forever to get anything done with just one arm. I can also say that my wonderful friends/family (I have decided we have all adopted each other) over at stitchmap are working on a very dear and wonderful surprise to help someone dear to me. I can't say a whole lot more, as it amazes me who stops by and reads my blog, and I want to keep secrets, well secret, ya know? I have somehow lost my camera, but as soon as I find it (hopefully this week) I will get some pics of stuff posted.

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