Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chapter 49, jealous pommies, pink bras, and embroidery

WhooHoo! the first "Year of the Wiener" block is done! LOL only 15 more to go. It went pretty quickly. So Maybe, just maybe I will get these done by Christmas. I was hoping to scan the patterns in and get them e-mailed to Miss Ruby, but can't figure the scanner out. I will try again tomorrow, and if not, will get them in the mail to her on Tuesday. unfortunately, the lovely pink flamingo embroidery was a casualty of pommie jealousy (imagine, working on a "year of the wiener block, and not a "Year of the Pommie" block, I mean really!) so I had to pick out part of her wing, wash her, and am in the process of restitching her. I guess it would not hurt me to design a "Year of the Pommie" quilt too, LOL. mmm will have to play with that idea when we take the kids to the beach this summer. Maybe I can come up with set of patterns by January. As for pink bras, I have finally crossed over. I am not quite sure when it happened, but I noticed that it did happen. It used to be that I did not care how the bra felt, as long as it was pretty, sexy, and i felt made the "girls" look perky, or at least better. Having thrown out a few bras this past week, and gotten rid of one of my "pretty" ones because it left welts and digs in my shoulders, i went bra shopping. What surprised me as I shopped is that I am at the point in my life where "sexy" and "pretty" really are not the biggest selling points anymore. I found myself looking at what years ago I considered "old lady bras" You know the kind. the 18 hour cross your heart, only come in beige, white, and sometimes black or a pale pink. Full cups, no half cups, or tiny straps. No underwires to cut in or poke out. The kind of bras that seem to always look the same no matter how many times they have been washed. They promise to hold the "girls" up. keep them from hanging down to my knees. not sexy, just functional. Know what the big shocker was? they felt better. No more welts, or bruises. No more adjusting straps, or wondering if the "girls" were going to escape in any way. No worrying about lace or patterns showing through my shirts. The "girls" are up off my knees, nothing is poking, prodding, or bruising, and I feel comfortable in my clothes. Now back to embroidery, with the "girls" safely encased, and no more discomfort, I find I am enjoying the handwork more, as there is no more pain. Good thing. LOL maybe I should do an "Age of Bras" quilt, showing the differences we look for as we age. mmmmm and maybe not LOL. We get the kids tonight. I have to take them into work with me tomorrow. I am being paid to come in for two days and look at the math curriculum. So as Anthony is working tonight, I will take the kids with me tomorrow, and he will watch them Tuesday. Then I am off work, until August 3. seems like a short vacation lol. Oh well.

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