Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chapter 48, The Last Day!!!

Yes, today is the last day!!!!!!!! June 5 was the last student day, and today, June 11 is the last teacher day!!!! I don't have to go back to work until the beginning of August!!! July 13 we are flying into Las Vegas for a couple of days, then we drive to CA and visit family (I get to see the wiener girls!!!) We will be flying home July 26. This Sunday we get the kids, and they will be with us for almost 2 weeks. ( I love having the kids here!) we have plans to go to the beach, work in the yard, move furniture, and hopefully get my sewing room set up. It will probably be a busy summer, But today is the last morning of me having to be up early for over a month! LOL even though I know I will still get up early, now I won't have to. I plan on getting some of the Year of the Wiener blocks done in my morning time. well, off to work. (with a huge smile on my face LOL)

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