Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chapter 50, to many ideas floating around

I can't sleep. I joined a new yahoo group today and I am so excited. It is called stitchmap and was created to give newbies a chance to learn from a mentor. I can't wait to take my first class/assignment and have a mentor. there is so much to learn. I have so many ideas floating around in my head right now, besides the "year of the pommie" embroidery LOL. I was thinking of a crazy quilt where you use silkies of ladies' heads and create cameos on the blocks, using beads and gold or silver thread to make the "frames" not sure how it would work, but I can see it in my mind. I should be asleep. the kid are here, and Nicholas will be up by 7 tomorrow. It will be a busy day, but I want to create so bad. My finger is sore from embroidery, plus I kind of slammed two of my fingers on my right hand in the window earlier, so I am icing it. which means no embroidery for me tonight. sighs. I wonder if I will ever be able to create all the thing I can see in my mind?

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Ruby said...

Sorry to hear you hurt your hand! Hope sleep finally found you. Meant to comment on the year of the Wiener but time got away from me. Always too many projects. Right? Have a good week