Monday, June 29, 2009

Chapter 57, fabric changes and pictures

well, after digging around in my fabric drawer, I found three more pinks. I think I like the tone on tone the best with these fabrics for my project but just not sure. I also took pictures of my work on Skye's block in the cobalt blue RR. It hopefully will go out in the mail tomorrow. I have had a case of sun poisoning, so have not been able to do much the last few days. but the rash/blisters are slowly going away, and I am able to sleep again. so I have hopes of being back at my crafting in a few days.


Ruby said...

Great work of the blue. I like the fairy. Sorry you are not well. Girl you've got to stay out of the sun!!!!

Love all the fabric choices you've shown for the CQ class projects. It's going to be beautiful.

Connie said...

Donna, Love your focus fabric! I think the deep purple and blue are my favorites of the fabrics you've chosen to match it. They are a "spot on" match!