Friday, December 25, 2009

Chapter 69, Prince Charming

Two posts in one day! and on Christmas!!!
but as I sat here, surfing for ideas for my handwork, I wanted to share some about my Prince Charming. I truly feel God blessed me when He brought Anthony into my life. When I call Anthony my Prince Charming, I mean it with all my heart. Anthony has all the qualities I have always wanted and searched for. I watch and listen to friends who are always hunting for the "perfect" man and I try and tell them they need to decide what they really want, but that is not want they want to hear. So many woman today focus on money, possessions and looks. These are very poor things to base love on. So Here is a list of all the wonderful things about my Prince charming:
1. He works. He goes to work when he is supposed to, very rarely calls in, and works overtime when it is offered.
2. He always comes home to me from work. (No partying, or going out with the boys)
3. We are comfortable in silence. We don't have to chatter or entertain each other, but can sit together in the same room and be happy just being near each other.
4. We are friends, best friends.
5. We do things together. Simple things like running to the store for something, going for a drive, sitting on the porch watching it rain. but we do them together.
6. We show an interest in the hobbies and interests of each other. I have learned to watch baseball and football, and Anthony has learned to go into craft and yarn stores. He even surprises me with craft supplies that he finds on freecycle or at the fleamarket.
7. We know our strengths and our weaknesses. Anthony and I both know that I should not handle money or bills (if I were in charge of the money we would live in a huge pile of fabric and yarn out in a corn field as we would not have any money left to pay our bills) and we both know I am better suited for the grocery shopping and cooking. Not based on gender rolls, but based on what we are good at and enjoy doing. He spoils me with fabric and thread, I spoil I'm with oatmeal raisin cookies and other goodies.
8. We truly love each other and know that love is work, not just a feeling. This is one of the things so many people forget. You have to work at love, and at being in love. if you do not work at it, you lose it.
9. We know we are safe with each other. Secrets, Hopes, dreams, all these things are shared and kept just between us. No laughing, no putting down. Just sharing and acceptance.
10. I think he is the most handsome man in the world, an he thinks I am the most beautiful woman in the world. Both of us know how lucky we are, and truly appreciate what we have in each other.

While I have learned that life is not perfect, and things do not always go as planned, I have also learned that a man who understands my obsession with fabric and threads, my devotion to the Pommie, and my need for a crafting kitty is a very rare find. So no matter what I say, Anthony is the best gift I have ever been given for Christmas or any other holiday. (but don't tell the Pommie!) So I hope all enjoy their gifts and their loved ones.

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Eileene said...

I too, have a Prince Charming. I read your post and it sounds exactly like Frank and me. We've been married 37 years next month. We are comfortable with each other. He's so quiet and reserved and I'm outgoing and loud. I have fun wherever Igoand he has funwatching me.Gofigure.Your husband keeps the money like Frank. ANd for the same reason. I think you and I are soul sisters. May God bless you both as he has blessed us. Eileene