Friday, December 25, 2009

Chapter 68, Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. It is a wonderful Christmas here. Anthony worked all night, so he came in early this morning and went to bed, but we will have our Christmas dinner tonight when he gets up. We will have our "real" Christmas on Monday, as we get the kids Sunday night. This has been an interesting Christmas season. Nicholas turned 13 on the 19th. He has changed and grown so much in the past 5 years. From a cute chubby cheeked "baby" to a teenager whose voice is changing, and is getting ready to shave. I don't know why, but that made it so hard this year. To go Christmas shopping and not buy toys. No more believing in Santa, or leaving out cookies and writing him letters. Now all the gifts the kids want cost wayyyy to much, and they usually want gift cards anyways. Sigh. I know this sounds bad, but I feel cheated. I only have had a few years with the kids. only a few years of Santa, and toys. I would not change those years for anything, I just wish I had been in their lives sooner to have more of their childhood with them.
Prince Charming has made sure that I have had the most wonderful Christmas ever. He bought me a glass pendent shaped like a kitty (i really love the glass hearts and pendants. I have decided to try and collect them) some hair sticks (5 sets!) a pink IPOD nano (which I never thought I would love, but I do!!!!) and the second best gift ever!, Miss Emily!! (the pommie was the best gift ever!)

This is Miss Emily. On the 22nd, Anthony took me to the ASPCA and told me I could pick out a kitty. I was so happy and so in shock. I have this deep seated belief that every true "Artist" (okay, knitter, crocheter, cross stitcher, embroider, quilter and Crazy Quilter) must have a crafting kitty. Out of all the beautiful kitties there, Miss Emily chose me. She grabbed my attention, then my heart. Her name was Ms. Claws, which is tied into a story about one of my most loved kitties. that is what grabbed my attention. I filled out the adoption papers, and went home to wait and hope. I thought of so many names, and had settled on Priscilla so I could call her Miss Priss. at 11:30am on the 23rd, the lady from the ASPCA called and said we had been approved and I could come get her. She is somewhere between 2 and 4 years old, had been de-clawed and spayed, and then was left. I do not see how anyone could just abandon this baby, so was very happy to get her. Anthony took me to Walmart on our way to pick her up and we bough a litter box, a very pretty pink cat collar with a bell, and a bag of food. As we were coming home with her, she curled up like a very good girl in my lap and let me know her name was not Priscilla. I can not explain how I knew, but I did. She just was not a Priscilla. She decided she was an Emily and I could live with that. She does not care for the doggies. she has decided she will live upstairs, so we set up her litter box, food and water and a nice big basket with a pillow in it. The Pommie's nose is a little our of joint, but as long as I hold him he has been okay. He sits on the right, Emily sits on the left or across the back of my chair and ignores him, and he can live with that.
So from my little area of the world, every thing is wonderful. It has been a very blessed Christmas. I wish all a Merry Christmas, happy memories, and many, many blessings. Just remember, sometimes blessings come disguised, so keep your eyes out!

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