Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chapter 59, PIF

Eileen over at is doing a PIF. I love PIF's. Getting to make a special gift for someone is one of my favorite things. I am still working on my gift for Miss. Ruby. (have narrowed it down to two ideas) and as I know she is one of the few people who leaves me comments, I am sure she will aslo by my PIF for this one too, if I am chosen. I have noticed since joining stitchmap, and CQfornewbies, that I am seeing so many things I want to try and do and make. The list is almost endless now. Family and friends will be happy as it means more gifts for them. There is just something special about starting a project you know is a gift for someone. I try hard to think of that person as I work on their gift, putting my prayers and hopes into it. I tell my students all the time that everyone has a special talent or gift, and that the best use of that talent or gift is to share it with others. Every year I have made each of my students a special Christmas ornament. and even now, 14 years later, when I run into an old student they still have that ornament and can't wait to tell me about it. There is something comforting and special in knowing that someone took time out of their day to make something just for you. So to the first five comments (please leave an e-mail address) I will send you a home made item sometime in the next year. (Most likely around Christmas as I love to send gifts and cards LOL) Please PIF. It does not matter to me if you post it on your blog, or just see someone in need and take a little of your time to make them feel special. Pass the gift on.


AMBER said...

I love PIF. I try to do it as often as I can. I would love to be on your list, and since I have a blog, I will post it there, also.


Ruby said...

I am already committed to PIF from Shari and Amber. I received the Weiner of the year!! I don't think I want to put them on gingham,although I love yours. UMMM?? You're so sweet to remember your students at Christmas time! ((HUGS)) Ruby

PS: How's the sunburn??OUCH

Karen said...

I just found your blog and I love it!! I sure hope that your shoulder is feeling better soon. I can't imagine having that much problem with my right arm!! Love your doggie. I have a pm/chiuhaha mix. He is a riot!!
Karen K