Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chapter 36, Pommies and Yarn vs elkhounds

You know that cute little fluffy butt? The one sitting in my blue chair? My baby? He is a pain in the rear. about two days after my last post he "unknit" my sock! Not only did he unknit my sock, he wound the yarn all around the living room and his sister! Then had the nerve to smile at me! Pommies are a pain in the rear. I love him, but he is a pain.
And then there is his sister, Misha. AKA dumb dog. she has gotten out of the yard four times lately. (although we think we have fixed the problem) and her favorite game is hide-N-seek in the cemetery. She runs around and plays among the headstones, chews and steals the flowers, and things I am chasing her as part of the game. By the time I caught her, tried to fix the flowers and things she had moved, and then picked up and carried her heavy (45 lb) fluffy butt back to the house each time, I was not in a good mood. The only high point of all that was that I met Howard and Thunderbolt. Howard is an older gentleman (I would guess in his 70's or more) who, along with his wife, is owned by a red wiener dog names thunderbolt. I met them on my first "game" of catch the elk hound. What is so special about Howard and Thunderbolt is that Howard was born and lived close to where I was born and raised. He has family back there still, knew about my grandparent's shop, where it was, and then there is Thunderbolt. When I was growing up I had a Thunderbolt. both the Thunderbolts are built the same, round, and fast. Howard was chasing his Thunderbolt, and the dog ran right up to me, let me pick him up and was as sweet as could be. Howard said he had never seen him do that, usually Thunderbolt barks and snaps at people. What can I say. I am special.

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