Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chapter 40, stitches, thread and the second sock

Well, I cast on the second sock today. I couldn't put it off any longer. I thought about it, and as I do not know any one footed people, if i want to wear my socks, I must knit two. So I got it cast on and started after only three tries. Which is better than the first sock which took 7 tries. This one is already two whole inches long. Last time it took me two days to get that far. If all goes well, I will have a pair of socks by this time next week. I got the blue block ready to mail, and will get it out tomorrow. I added a few cast on stitch flowers to the one side. That was my new stitch yesterday. I really enjoyed making it. I added the cast on stitch to my blue block too. ( I am making myself a blue block to practice and play with.) The cast on stitch looks good in both the DC embroidery floss, and the pearl Cotton I tried it with. I really think I need to make a band sampler, but then, if I make enough blocks, I will accomplish the same thing. I got my sewing machine back yesterday. I am going to set it up tonight to make sure it is sewing. So many things to create, so little time. so many ideas and patterns floating around in my head.


Ruby said...

Donna, I totally understand about not enough time. For me it's the outside calling when I still have stitching to do. Glad you have that other sock started.


Amy said...

I understand completely about too many ideas and not enough time! Hang in there!