Monday, March 2, 2009

Chapter 29 the snow day

well, we finally got it, snow. The were predicting it, but that has happened before. then I got the call last night, that there was no school today! I am really hoping this stretches into two snow days! I love the snow. Of course I don't have to go out in it, or drive. I get to sit and snuggle under my afghan and look at it through the window. The doggies seemed to enjoy it. LOL Reesie went bouncing off into it, until it hit is belly, then he quickly came back up to the porch, and no prefers to view the snow from the warmth and safety of my arms. (preferable while we are wrapped in an afghan or a jacket LOL) Misha thought it was wonderful and rolled and played in it. Chester tried to catch it, and jumped up. He looked so cute. Although I will welcome spring, as I long to grow things, (okay so I long to grow morning glories and tomatoes, but might add a few other things this year) I am enjoying the moment right now. If only I weren't sick and had my sewing room set up, today would be perfect.

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