Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chapter 30, the four inch squares

Well, I cut my base square for the Blue crazy square round robin. I Got my letter last night, I am in the cobalt group. LOL I love cobalt blue!!!! but after cutting my square, and a the base squares for my "the year of the wiener" quilt, I had 12 4 inch squares of muslin left over. So what to do with them? Actually I had 14, but I used 2 to practice on, so that leaves 12. I was thinking of doing a "red work" mini quilt of people I love, only doing each person in a different color. But now it is deciding who I want to put in my mini quilt. Hmmm not as easy as it seams. I guess I could combine people and special events. Not sure. Okay lets work on my list.
1. Anthony 2. Nicholas 3. Amanda 4. Dad 5. Grandma 6. My Mom 7. Bonnie 8. Marie
9. Jocko 10. Me 11. Anthony and I together, 12. personal info, I guess. I just can't figure out what to do with the last two squares. I don't want to get into the cousins, so what to do with the last two squares. will have to think about it some. and start to hunt down pictures.

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Ruby said...

Well, Donna, you have to do the dogs! They ARE family afterall. Funny word, I use it often, never wrote it down. Is it a word?

Love your ideas.

Ruby from CQNewbies, just assigned to the Cobalt blue group!