Friday, February 27, 2009

Chapter 28, being sick sucks eggs!

am so sick of being sick! have had this cold for a week, am running a fever and feel as if I have been hit by a truck. sighs. have not felt up to doing anything this week. I have not embroidered, knit, crocheted, or worked on cleaning the back bedroom. I am going to buy some cold medicine on the way to work today (got paid last night and can finally afford it LOL) so I am hoping to feel back up to par by Sunday. My blue baggie got here from Ms. Judyth. I feel as if she is my "supplier" keeping me well supplied with wonderful fabrics for my crazy quilts, plus she always includes bits and pieces of lace, threads, buttons. She is just the most wonderful person! I can hardly wait to create my blue block so it is ready to mail out. I decided I am going to make two, and do one on my own too. I have been thinking of making a "color study" set of blocks. just to see what I can do, but then, I know they will do more RR and I would really like to keep up with them. I can't wait to get the back room done, Amanda moved and my sewing room set up. I am getting excited about creating again. I think the kids are too, both asked me if they would be able to sew and stuff when I get it set up. I think Nicholas will like working the voyager. have decided to name her Gertie or Ginger. not sure which one yet.

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