Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chapter 23, I sometimes forget to count my blessings

Well, we have decided against trying to buy a house right now. In these tough economic times, we should be thankful we have this one, and are able to pay our mortgage. Anthony is going to call around and work on refinancing the house this week. With the carpeting going it, it looks really nice. Anthony is going to talk to Robert about finishing the bathrooms and putting down a new floor in the kitchen. We went to the furniture store last night and bought Anthony a new computer chair (his old one was cracking and got stuck all the time) I had to really talk him into spoiling himself, but he never buys himself anything, and when you consider how much time he spends at the computer, he should have a nice chair. So we got him a really nice leather office chair. We found a small table with two chairs for the kitchen, and a coat tree/bench thingy for the dining room. (I have been ordered to "Keep my crap" off the couch. LOL We have decided to turn the spare room into my sewing room, set up my Voyager in half the dining room, and then use the other have as a dining room. So between now and May, we are hoping to get all this done. I really am a lucky woman. We have a nice home, it is warm and no leaks, we have plenty of food, and our life is good. I don't need all the things others have. I don't need a fancy house, or all the other stuff they collect. I need to be me, and stop worrying about competing against the ex-wife, the other teachers, and the neighbors. So I am going to work at creating a home I will enjoy because it feels and looks good to me, not others. Anthony is just happy when we are together and he gets a hot dinner LOL so he is easy to please.

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