Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chapter 26, Valentine's day and strange inspiration

Today is Valentine's day. Hearts, flowers, love in the air. I will spend most of it in the car as Anthony and I travel up to get the kids, watch their game, go to mass with them, then bring them home this evening. So we celebrated last night. Last week we got Anthony a new computer chair (all leather, very nice and comfy!) for Valentine's day. Yesterday, I fixed him his favorite dinner, spaghetti and meatballs. He bought me two video games I really wanted, and didn't even know he knew about. I was a happy camper. Then he really surprised me. Just a few weeks ago, Anthony celebrated his 10 year anniversary with his job. (the longest he has ever stayed at one job) they gave him a nice plaque. What I didn't know is they also gave him a catalog and told him to choose the gift he wanted. Well, he didn't choose for him. He used his gift for me, and got me the most beautiful pearl necklace!!!! It has 4 strands of cream freshwater pearls together, and is about 19 inches. It is gorgeous!!! I love pearls, and the only other set I have is the set he got me for our wedding, a single strand of cream pearls. (also absolutely beautiful!) He was worried that I would be upset because they are fresh water. I told him not to worry, i am not a pearl snob, I just love pearls. I can't wait to wear them. Until they they will be hidden in my dresser, taken out and lovingly stroked and admired and hidden away again. But what is truly priceless is the feeling of being loved and desired and cherished as much as he does me. I would not trade my Prince Charming for anyone on earth. And now to the strange inspiration. Aunt Marie has been on my mind a lot lately. So last night I decided to work on a quilt for her. I wanted to embroider each square with a wiener dog. Well guess what, there are not that many wiener dog patterns out there! So I created my own "year of the wiener" for her. I will post as I get them done. I am proud of them! I am going to do them on gingham fabric (pink, blue, yellow and green) and set them with 1930's fabric when they are all done, or so goes the plan right now, but it may change. We shall see. As soon as I find my tracing paper, I am going to trace them over, and then iron and cut the fabric. I hope to start them in March.
Here are pics of my pearls and my pommie. (unfortunately, not together. LOL)

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