Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chapter 43 What makes you a mom?

If anyone asked me if I was a mom, I would probably say no. and yet, the events of the past few weeks has really made me stop and think. I have the two step-children that I love to pieces, worry over, and at times argue with. But for whatever reason I was sure I wasn't a mom cuz no one calls me mom. Oh i think of myself of mom to my furrbabies, but that was it. Then Saturday, Nicholas was up all night with an earache. I sat up with him, not because I had to, but because it felt right, if that makes any sense. I sat at the desk, making sure the hot water compress stayed warm, that he was okay, and watching him sleep. I am the one who washes sheets when some one has an accident, cleans up throw-up when someone is sick, worries about fevers, and stresses about to much junk food. I am the one the kids want to sit next to and they tend to curl up with me and offer hugs. I am the one who takes pride in what they do, and gets on them to do better, the whole time trying to support what their mom and dad are telling them, yet making them realize that they can talk to me if they need someone to talk to. So I wonder, does all this make me a mom? How do I define a mother?


Ruby said...

Yes, you are a MOM! Happy Mother's Day! Ruby

Lesley said...

You are very definately a 'Mum'. I just wish my stepchildren had given me the chance to care about them, and love them like my own. Sadly, it wasn't to be, but I would still be here for them if ever they needed me.luv Lesley