Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chapter 45, finishing things

After finishing the second sock, I decided it was time to finish up a few other WIP's/UFO's. So my knew resolve for the next 6 months is that I have to finish one old project before i can start a new one. In theory that means I should cut my new project starts in half, and my WIP's/UFO's in half. We shall see. So after finishing the socks, I decided to finish up the granny square baby blanket. I found I had 30 squares done, which is enough to make a baby blanket, so I am slowly sewing them into rows and hopefully will have them finished soon. Once it is done I am going to start on my "year of the wiener" embroidery (and to be honest, I will probably cast on another pair of socks. LOL)

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Ruby said...

Since I have dachshunds, I would really like to know more about you 'year of the weiner' embroidery. ??? I have too many UFOs too. Ruby