Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chapter 61, The Pommie meets the girls

Cleo Violet

Today the girls are five weeks old and the kids and I decided it was time for them to "meet" the doggies. The dogs have sniffed the cage over, but today was the first time they got to sniff the girls over. I held the piggies and Reesie (who begged to be allowed to meet the girls) and Nicholas worked the camera. Reesie was so cute! he sniffed them all over, then licked them and tried to clean their ears. LOL when he was done, Violet sat up and gave herself a bath to fix her hair. Cleo just sat and took it. Both Piggie girls did not seem afraid of Reesie, and sniffed him over as he was cleaning them. Reesie is not to sure he likes me holding the piggies instead of him.

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