Thursday, December 6, 2007

Chapter one

Well, it has been a few days, and not a lot has changed. I have kind of looked at what I am eating, and today, I start walking. I guess it is a good start. I know my problem. I want it all and I want it all right now. Ihave to learn to wait.

It snowed yesterday. So pretty. not a lot of snow, oy an inch, maybe, but still, it was beautiful. I am really hoping for a 2 hour delay this morning, so I can sit and enjoy it. But I have a feeling it is not going to happen.

I just checked the news site and it says I am on a 2 hour delay!!! yeah! Now I just have to wait for the phone call. Then I have a few hours! I don't have to be at work until 9. oh yeah, life is good.

Pommies do not overly care for snow. LOL Reesie went running out yeasterday, hit the snow and then did this little prance/hop thing back onto the walkway. He sniffed it, licked it, barked at it, then kind of hopped around on the snow, did his business and came and sat at the door, ready to come in. I really need to work on getting pictures up this weekend.

Okay, weekend chore list: 1. get papers graded. 2. get grades and lesson plans up to date. 3. work in sewingroom. 4. generate list of UFO's and future projects. 5. get secret pal box together and mailed out on Monday.

mmmmmm only 5 things. not bad. LOL but how much will I actually get done?

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