Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Beginning

Today is the beginning. The beginning of blogging, of changes, of many things. No I am not really a serious person, but I was challenged by a wonderful Christian woman to "Embark on a journey of reflection, discovery, and growth." I have a lot in my life I desire to look at and change. I am seriously overweight, have not done any quilting or major projects on over a year, and have some changes I want to make. So here we are, the 2nd of December, 2007. Today my journey begins and we will see where it takes us. I have Three main goals over the next 4 months. I want to lose 5o lbs, get all my UFO's listed, and list all my desired future projects. I guess each of these goals is going to require little mini goals. hmmmm.

1. Lose 50 lbs.

a. Exercise (we will try walking 2 times a week just to get started)

b. healthier choices. (okay, good bye french fries for a little while)

c. Drink Water!!! (kiss the coke goodbye, it is really bad for you anyway)

2. List all UFO's. wow. this one may take a while. A long, long, long while. I am wonderful at starting projects, but seem to "forget" to finish them.

a. sit down and make myself do it.

b. clean up sewing room so I actually know what is in there.

3. List all desired future projects.

a. narrow down what it is I really want to create. (easier said than done)

Okay so I have started my beginning. I guess my outline. So on to Chapter one. (LOL I LOVED Mr. Magoriums Wonder Empoirium)

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