Saturday, December 8, 2007

Chapter 2

Well, the last of the snow is gone, but it was beautiful while it lasted. I think Reesie is getting a little spoiled. Now he feels he has to be sitting in my lap whenever I am sitting. Makes it a little hard to type, LOL.

My big computer goal for today is to list my UFO's, WIPS, and future plans, I would really like to get a lot of them knocked out in 2008. I also plan on "crafting" this evening. Anthony is on night shifts this weekend, so once he goes to work, I can mess and craft. I really want to make some ornaments, and I would like to get something accomplished in my sewing area today.

well so far today I have gone grocery shopping, got a chicken in the oven, (Dang they take long to bake!!!) and cleaned the cats litter box. sighs. nothing listed. am almost afraid to sit and try to list, so that will wait until Anthony goes to work. We are supposed to go to the library today, but i have a feeling it is going to have to wait until Monday, as I don't think he will get up in time. oh well.

Okay, Anthony is at work, so I have some time to make my list.
  • Anthony's valentine quilt
  • sports baby quilt
  • Almost Amish baby quilt.
  • Cherry baby quilt
  • mystery baby quilt
  • Katrina's Kitties
  • Hearts
  • Ruthie's quilt
  • Flying geese
  • Southern Ladies
  • Sunbonnet Sue
  • PinWheel 1
  • PinWheel 2

Kits that need to be sewn:

  • girl baby quilt
  • boy baby quilt
  • still stripping
  • Minnesota chain
  • BOM-butterflies
  • BOM- blocks
  • Bom-baskets

to do list:

  • crazy quilt
  • quilt for Nicole's baby
  • cat quilt
  • chicken quilt
  • civil war diary quilt
  • One of Beth's quilts
  • Round robin design
  • Sampler
  • Bonnie's Mystery

wow, that seams like a lot. somehow I don't think it will all be done this year LOL. And I haven't even looked at my knotting, crocheting, or embroidery/cross stitch. I will save those for another day.

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