Monday, December 8, 2008

Chapter 17, Peacocks, parots, flamingos and tulips

Wow, two posts in one day!!! Well. Grandma has asked for a crazy quilt with peacocks, flamingos, parrots and tulips, and an iris or two if I can fit them in. LOL not sure how I am going to do this one. oh, and she would like it by mother's day. talk about pressure. Not sure how I will do this one. I was just proud of myself for getting the four ornaments done. This one will be a challenge, but one I will tackle. I am hoping to get it started during Christmas break. maybe get most of the piecing done, that will leave me all of January, February, March and most of April to get the embellishing done. If I do 12 squares, (three of each design) there is a small possibility I will get it done. sighs. If I don't get it done by Mother's day, then she will get it when I make my trip to CA in July. Now, if I can just figure out how I am going to do this one...

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