Monday, December 8, 2008

Chapter 16, the first four crazy quilt orns.

well hopefully here they are. The first four attempts at crazy quilting. I am already hooked on it. I was hoping to have a few more done by now, but this cold or ick or whatever it is that I have had for over 2 weeks has really knocked me out. I have spent a little bit of time looking at pics of other peoples orns and I feel kind of silly being so proud of mine, but then everyone had to begin somewhere! I will improve, and I am still proud of them. The plus side to crazy quilting is that Reesie gets to sit in my lap as I work on them LOL which is his favorite place to be. I will have to get Anthony to take a pic of it soon. We will be getting the carpeting (1/2 of my Christmas present) at the end of January. That is the next time someone can be home to let the carpet guys in. The furniture should be in by February. Oh, and my fluffy butt baby goes to the groomer Tuesday and will once again be a beautiful pommie!!!! Anthony laughed at me when I was talking about how nice Reesie will look on the new furniture and carpet LOL.

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Anonymous said...

I know I commented on this somewhere, maybe on CQ4N. I love your mittens best. The other two are also great, but I just love what you did with the mittens.