Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chapter 13

okay, my first official day of summer. Yesterday was my last day of work. I was supposed to be in class today for the mentor/priode program, but until we get the house fixed up, we were told not to come to classes. sighs. I even got rid of my kitties. I feel like they are telling me I am not good enough. Anthony says it is because they do not think we will do all that we ahve to do to pass inspection,a nd that we will prove them wrong. I hopw so. I plan on doing a little housework today (at least clearing a path to my sewing machine and cleaning off the table) so I can iron and cut my muslin for the base of my crazy quilt. I am going to cut 9 blocks, to get started with. I should be able to get nine blocks done this summer. i know it will only take me an afternoon to sew the blocks, it is the embelishing that is going to take the summer.
We are in a heat wave here. with the heat index, it has been like 104 and very humid. I hate humid. I miss the desert at times like this. sighs.

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