Monday, March 3, 2008

Chapter 11

Reesie is a very brave little dog. He tried so hard to help me last night. Anthony had to work, and I was home alone. Because of his collar (5 more days) he has been sleeping in my room. Last night I went into low blood sugar. Usually I catch it when it starts and can handle it. Last night I wasn't able to catch it. It felt like I was having a seizure. I was drooling, couldn't control my body. Reesie was trying so hard to get up on the bed and help me. I was finally able to call Anthony, who rushed home, got some sugar into me, and went back to work. My brave little pommie stayed with me the whole time, keeping his little head in my lap, or sitting right next to me. Last night scared me. Having my little brave pommie made all the difference. Okay, having my big brave husband is what really made all the difference, LOL but my pommie was a very close second!

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