Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chapter 79, An Intervention is Called for!

Do you ever surprise yourself? I sat last night and gathered all my kits and projects (wips and planned)and then I went into shock. I seperated, and tried shifting them around, but there was just no getting around it, someone in this house has a problem with the amount of stitchy stuff they have. (we will not mention that this person could not truly gather all their stuff cuz some of it is beingheld hostage by the sewing room) There were over 60 kits/wips/planned, (and remember this does not count what is being held hostage) this does not count the flosses i bought just cuz they were so pretty, or all the old cross stitch mags I have collected through freecycle and yard sales, nor does it count the countless free projects printed off the internet. After a good stiff drink (which I will admit made the pile seem so much smaller, maybe that is the secret, if we all drank just a little more, our stashes would become much less intimidating)I chose 20 to keep track of. Wow. Feeling as if i could tackle other areas, i began to try to gather all my yarn and knitting wips/planned. Ok, again realized i had way way to much. (we will not mention the 4 tubs of yarn in teh basement, or the two in the diningroom, three in the sewingroom, and not sure howmany in the attic)After this shock to my system, i decided not to even begin to tackle the quilt fabric for all the planned quilts, or the crazy quilt supplies, (although I am planning to get back into all my crafting/creating in the new year) From what i can figure, if i can complete a full size cross stitch sampler, knit a whole sweater, or complete a full sized quilt 9 times a week, I might use up all my stash at some point in the next 20 years, but this is based on the primis that at no time in the next 20 years will i buy any new supplies/kits/patterns. You know, perseverance seemd a lot easier when I was clueless.

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