Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chapter 80, In which I go into shock

my list has grown again. it really does scare/shock me just how much i have without even realizing it. I mean honestly, how many kits/patterns does one person need? not counting the thread i bought just cuz it was pretty, and not really intended for any kit or pattern? ok, so here goes my looong list. be prepared. 1.Sophie's Afternoon 2.Token of my love 3.Cats in house frame 4.Cats in a wreath 5.Quaker Diamonds 6.Quaker Spring Diamonds 7.Claret Bell Pull 8.Hail Mary (would like to do 3, one for me, and one each for Nicholas and Amanda) 9.Our Lady 10.Victorian Houses Row 1 11.Victorian Houses Row 2 12.Queen of Stitches 13.Emma Rose (Brooke's Girl) 14.Quaker For My Mother 15.Free Birds (Prim Bird Sampler) 16.Year of the Wiener Quilt 17.Family Memories CQ project 18.Santa's Parade Nursery Rhyme Quilt 19.Nativity Redwork Stocking 20.Reindeer Embroidery Quilt/Dishtowels 21.Doodle and Whimsey Self Designed Embroidery Quilt 22.Family Members Album Quilt 23.Ladies CQ (9 blocks) 24.A Place We Call Home Sampler 25.Ladybugs and Bumblebees Sampler 26.Prairie Sampler (Under the Prairie Moon) 27.Heart Samler 28.The Nativity in ABC's 29.Our Wedding Day Sampler 30.All Because (Two People Fell in Love) 31.Rosewood Manor Sampler 32.Simple Peacock (free chart) 33.Shepherd's Sampler Stocking 34.French County Christmas Alphabet 35.Chick Squares (from the 70's) 36.Peace on Earth (free chart) 37.The Peacock (free chart) 38.Celtic Cross (Free Chart) 39.ABC's with birds (Free Chart) 40.Dutch Heart with Ship (free Chart) 41.2010 ABC with Peacock (free chart) 42.Because of You (free Chart) 43.Heavenly Holidays Angel (rose) 44.heavenly Holidays Angel (star) 45.Clothspin Angel (Morning Glory) 46.Clothespin Angel Kit Christmas Teddy 47.Beyond Cross Stitch Rosebud 48.Winter Holiday Prince Ornament 49.Tiny Treasures Diamond Santa Ornament 50.Winter Holidays Sugar Plum Fairy Ornament 51.Cloth Doll #1 52.Family Tree Embridery Wall Hanging (Self Designed) 53.Cloth Doll #2 54.Cloth Doll #3 55.Monthly Fairies (self Desinged) 56.Star Quilt (Aunt martha) 57.To Church I Love To Go 58.1995 Prairie Fairy What is really sad is that I have so many other kits (from when Michales was clearing them out) and free charts. Fabric for a good 10 or more quilts, plus 3 or 4 BOM quilt kits. It just amazes me what I have stashed and stock piled. ok, so maybe I am looking at 10 or more years. the bright side is that with money being tight, i know i have plenty of supplies to keep my going for a long, long time.

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