Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chapter 73, snow, baby animal blocks and BCQC square

First lets get the pics in.
The first is my BCQC block. not great, but shows promise. My next block/project will be better

Then we finally have the finished baby animal quilt squares. They were started over 5 years ago. I have worked on them off and on. One of those projects you start because you think you should, but don't really like. I am hoping to put them together with 30's fabric during my spring break

I am glad to have the baby animals done.
Now I can focus on my BHC work and my BCQC stuff. I have also picked up the "Year of The Wiener Girls" again.
and now to the snow. It snowed all day yesterday. We got about 9 inches. (as tall as the pommie) it is beautiful and I am hoping it means a snow day on Monday. I love to sit and stitch and sip hot tea and listen to/watch my shows (Dr. Who, Dexter, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Demons, Bones)


Ruby said...

I think your 1st crazy block looks great. Those animal blocks are so cute. Do you have enough 30's fabric? We have less than 1/2 inch of snow but lots of ice. Sorry, don't want to watch TV with you!! I'm a b/w movie buff.

JeanneZ said...

Love your blocks. This is such a great little childs quilt.