Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chapter 72, Cats will deflate your ego

I sat in my chair last night, working on my seam treatments for my BCQC, thinking I was doing a beautiful feather stitch. Quite possibly the most perfect feather stitch ever done by a newbie, one sure to get praise from my mentor (clue one, pride) and as I stitched, I would stop to admire my beautiful work and stroke my pretty little purring kitty who was curled belly up in my lap (enough said about clue two!) and as I finished the seam, thinking, "gee, I didn't realize feather stitching took so much thread, I wonder why?" I turned the piece over and discovered why. or at least I tried to turn the piece over. It seems darling purring kitty and caught the thread way back at the beginning of the stitch and made a huge loop that she was playing with and had her paws tangled in, and had also managed to catch a loop in the middle. While I do appreciate the fact that Miss Emily Kitty wants to help me work, and was saving me from my own pride, I was not happy. (darling Pommie just looked at me from his spot next to me in the chair, and I almost swear he was smirking at me.) So I sighed, untangled the kitty from the back of my block (she never did stop purring) and picked out the seam. sighs. I had been such a perfect seam. So Emily reminded me to be humble (and that if I was going to be dumb enough to stitch with a cat in my lap, I had check the back of my work every three stitches or so, to undo the loops kitty made) and that I will not die if I have to undo a seam treatment. And while the redone seam is not as nice as it was the first time, it still looks okay. Nothing like a kitty to keep you humble. I will post pics tonight or tomorrow. (I have to find the camera LOL)

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Lesley said...

Cats are wonderful! Mine used to get tangled up in my knitting, but I didn't mind. I just miss them now they're gone.